THE GREEN QUEEN - Wire Wrapped Elven Necklace with Green Wolf and Swarovski crystal Leaves

Elf Queen necklace in wire wrap and Swarovski crystals - jade green wolf bib necklace by Herisson Rose


Jade Green Wolf Necklace in Moss Agate and Swarovski Crystals

Forest Elf |  Green Witch  |  Dryad


* * *


She started as a replacement for Veles, but rapidly grew into something else.


For some projects you have a carefully worked out, articulated plan. Others have a mind of their own.


They take form under your hands, whatever you try to do veers off in totally unexpected directions.

The end result is nothing like you planned, but somehow, infinitely better.

You wake up from a fugue-state, the finished project before you.

This must be what the Divine Inspiration of Dante,

Or being posessed by a Muse

Feels like.




I realised (early on) the beautiful Iridescent Green pendants I had bought for her were not going to work.

What will work?





Swarovski New Leaf in Jade Green.

Slight problem.. They are now very difficult to find. 

I have cleared eBay and many European suppliers out over the years.

(Limited Edition, Swarovski doesn't make them any more.. but they are BEAUTIFUL)



(check on eBay)

OH MY GOD!! (DOG!! I Mean)


Someone had exactly 3. With reasonable postage.


* * *


Once I scored my Required Crystalline Foliage, I could let this project rip in the exact direction it wanted to go.


(Czech leaf beads? Why you just *happen* to have enough, and in the right shade.

Some other shades of green for variety? The Scabeous beetle green ones you bought on a whim match nicely. And so on..)




It's late May. Instead of heat, the weather has been mild and rainy. I was sitting outdoors, on the few moderately dry days, trying to get this project done between running back indoors to avoid the rainshowers. 


Everything is humid, and richly, impossibly green.

(She seems to have absorbed and mirrored the colour)

We'll get a ridiculously good crop of strawberries in the next few weeks.

The rhubarb has reached monstrous Triffid-like proportions, and the courgettes are threatening to do the same.




The sun never did show itself. I waited a whole week, gave up, and took all these photos in the looming shadow of a thunderstorm. 

(Not quite overhead, but close and flashy enough to be disconcerting)


It made for some spectacular lighting effects:

perfectly bright, soft diffused sunlight,

with occasional free flashlights :(

The rain held off

and I got



Green crystal wolf necklace with leaves and Swarovski crystals - fantasy elf jewelry by Herisson Rose
Green Wolf wire wrapped necklace with jade green Swarovski crystal leaves and leaf pendants by Herisson Rose Jewelry
Green Swarovski crystal wire wrapped necklace fantasy pagan wolf jewelry Cernonnos by Herisson Rose
Green witch necklace with moss agate and Swarovski crystal leaf pendants fantasy wolf Queen Elf necklace by Herisson Rose

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:: MINT ::

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Unakite Wolf necklace in Moss Green and Terracotta Red with Beads and Swarovski Crystals

Czechoslovakian wolfdog in meadow full of flowers


"Sniffing all them Rabbits Wildflowers I mean.."

* * *