Green Wolf Collection: LESHY "The Forest Man"

The green wolf / Leshy The Forest Guardian-

botanical plant themed necklaces


Green wolf necklace moss agate and pine leaves forest god Cernunnos jewelry by Herisson Rose

SOSNA (Pine Tree) - Green Wolf Necklace in Moss Agate, Swarovski Crystals and Bronze Patina Leaf Pendants

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Leshy ("The Forest Guardian") Collection 


SOSNA / PINE     ||     SAGESSE (WISDOM)     ||     MIETA / MINT

Plant-themed Jewelry in natural stones, Swarovski Crystals and Leaves

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From the Polish words meaning something found in, or "of the forest",

such as a woodsman's cottage, a tree, or forest creatures  ("lesne" or "lesny" )


A "Leshy" or Leszy = The forest itself personified :

A spirit, forest guradian or "forest man" clad in green with moss for hair.



In Slavic Mythology,

Each forest has it's own Leshny.

|  |

A "Forest Grandfather" with pine needles for hair.

His symbolic animals are the Deer, the Wolf and the Bear.

All plants, fruits and animals fall under his purview and protection.

The larger, stronger and older the forest, the more powerful it's Leshny.

\ |  | /

Master of camoflage and shapeshifting, he is more often heard than seen -

laughing, whistling, singing. Blending perfectly into the leaves and shadows of the

trees from which he draws his strength.

\\  |  |  //

He is sometimes the trickster, leading foolish travellers off the path to wander lost

in the depths of the forest *

\\   /    \|   |/   \  //

But cut down his trees, or take his animals without permission, and he is roused to anger.

|           |

|           |

/              \

* The last remnant of Primeval forest, which once covered the entirety of Europe, is Bialowieza Forest in Poland - also home to the only surviving wild Bison herd in Europe. 

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Three New Necklaces:


SOSNA: (Pine Tree) - Moss Agate with dark green leafy tendrils within a clear translucent stone.


SAGESSE: Striking and unusually patterned Chrysocolla - splashes of sage green, dark brown and milky white


MIETA (Mint) - Chrysocolla in a rich and vivid deep minty green


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Sage Green wolf witch necklace in Chrysocolla and leaf pendants - botanical jewelry by Herisson Rose
Green Witch Necklace in Moss Agate leaves an crystals by Herisson Rose
Sage jewelry - witchy forest necklace with leaves and Chrysocolla wolf by Herisson Rose
Leaf necklace with pine tree leaves and Swarovski crystals - Green Wolf jewelryfor and elf by Herisson Rose
Mint green wolf necklace Chrysocolla leafy choker by Herisson Rose Jewelry
Spearmint green wolf necklace with leaves and Chrysocolla - plant witch jewelry by Herisson Rose
Green leafy elf necklace with wolf and crystals - witchy botanical jewelry by Herisson Rose
Forest witch necklace - wolf necklace in green and brown with leaves - pagan cernunnos jewelry by Herisson Rose


African Turquoise Wolf Necklace 

wolf necklace in mossy green kambaba jasoer - wood elf jewelry by Herisson Rose

::  ZABA ( FROG )  ::

Mossy Green Kambaba Jasper Wolf Necklace

Forest witch necklace in Unakite - stone and crystal wolf choker by Herisson Rose

:: MOSS ::

Unakite and Crystal Wolf Necklace

The Green Queen elven wire-wrapped fantasy necklace with wolf and crystal leaves by Herisson Rose


Wire Wrapped Elven Fantasy Necklace: Green Wolf and Swarovski Crystal Leaves

Forest King necklace the dragon and the wolf gothic Cernunnos jewelry by Herisson Rose


Crowned Wolf and Dragon Pendant with Sword and Wire Wrapped Crystals

Cernunnos necklace with green leaves Swarovski crystals and wolf - green witch pagan jewelry by Herisson Rose

:: MINT ::

Chrysocolla with banded Agate Beads, Crystals and Leaf Pendants