Crystal beetle necklaces - witchy fashion crystal pendants with Swarovski scarabs and stars



Gothic beetle necklace swarovski crystal scarab black and green goth witchy jewelry by Herisson Rose
Silver cicada pendant pastel goth witch necklace with crystal scarab beetles by Herisson Rose
Black bug necklace crystal witchy pendant with cicada and scarab beetles - darm mori fashion by Herisson Rose
Black and green gothic necklace with beetles crystal scarab pendant strega witchy fashion jewellery by Herisson Rose
Silver bug necklace with Swarovski scarab beetle crytals - pastel goth witch pendant with stars - strega fashion by Herisson Rose

::  NEW ITEMS  :: 


Forest Witch Crystal Beetle Pendants in 2 versions: 


FOREST WITCH  ::  Black and Green  

MOON WITCH ::  Purple and Silver




Each necklace features a large central bug motif with enamelled glitter details on the wings (quite subtle, not too blingy)


Dark green and bronze glitter on the Black Beetle.

Purple and pale green glitter on the Silver Beetle.



Smaller crystals and stars hang from the pendant chains, which also feature genuine Swarovski crystal scarab beetles

- metallic green for one necklace, metallic silver for the other.




The chain is made of thick links, sturdier than normal jewelry chain, and the cystal pendants are wrapped around so they wont come off or break if pulled hard.




*   *   *

pastel witch crystal pendant with beetels - scarab necklace in silver and purple glitter by Herisson Rose
Black and Green witch necklace with crystal scarabs and cicada - dark mori forest elf jewelry by Herisson Rose
forest witch necklace - gothic beetle pendant witch Swarovski crystals and scarabs by Herisson Rose
Silver beetle necklace with purple glitter and Swarovski crystals - pastel goth necklace - witchy fashion by Herisson Rose
Pastel witch pendant with scarab beetle crystals and cicada pendant - witchy jewelry by Herisson Rose
Crystal bug necklace forest goth witch jewelry with scarabs and stars by Herisson Rose

There's a rustling noise down by my foot, and it isn't twigs and leaves.


Suddenly.. A Wild Toad appears!

(What kind of pokemon is this??!)

Bug necklace with toad in the background. A Wild Toad Appears by Herisson Rose
The Frog Prince - random toad rolls up to my photoshoot by Herisson Rose

There is a TOAD with RED EYES and he is watching me (oh hai there, cutie!)


I am photographing a bug necklace.

At a witchy-styled photo-shoot.

A random demon-eyed toad rolls up and just hangs around watching.

Perfectly normal thing to happen.


(I shamelessly try to get him in the background, part "hey, people will think I'm making this up"

..and part "oh hey! Relevant! Mind if I utilise yr presence a mo, lil' toad bro?")


Toad: "Kay.."


*   *   *


Toad in the woods by Herisson Rose

"Enough, no more photos please.."

Walking toad with red eyes by Herisson Rose

"Don't mind me.. just goin' over to that tree now"


Black witch necklace wire wrapped crystals wolf fantasy dark elf jewelry by Herisson Rose


Gothic Crystal Necklace in Wire Wrap with Obsidian Wolf and Swarovski Star Pendants

Crescent moon pendant with rose quartz opalite or blue goldstone - witch jewelry by Herisson Rose


With choice of Lapis Lazuli, Opalite, Blue Sandstone, Fluorite, Rose Quartz or Aquamarine beads

Black flower earrings with Swarovski crystals - gothic jewelry by Herisson Rose

:: Black Flower Earrings ::

Dangling flowers with Swarovski rystals - Les Fleurs Du Mal


Moonlight Swarovski crystal leaf earrings witchy pastel goth moon jewelry by Herisson Rose


Swarovski Crystal Leaf Earrings with a UV-glowing "Moonlight" coating

Opalite choker - beaded lacy pastel goth necklace with wolf - witchy jewelry by Herisson Rose

:: LUNA ::

White Beaded Opalite Choker with Lacy Details and Central Wolf

Opalite star necklacee pastel witch choker with puffy white stars by Herisson Rose


Beaded Choker Necklace with Puffy White Stars - Glows in UV and Sunlight


Witchy earrings with bees - large gothic forest elf bee dangle earrings by Herisson Rose


Large Witchy Dangle Earrings with Bumblebee motifs and Leaves

Fern leaf pendant botannical witchy jewelry for forest elves by Herisson Rose


Lacy Forest Leaf Necklace in Copper

Cernunnos necklace with green leaves Swarovski crystals and wolf - green witch pagan jewelry by Herisson Rose


Elven Fantasy Wire-Wrapped Necklace with Green Wolf and Swarovski Crystals