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I strongly recommend buying from my  Etsy Shop [x]  instead if you are located in the UK, or sending to a UK or N. Ireland address.

These websites will collect the taxes due upfront and remit it to the UK Govt, avoiding the £8 Fee and hassle of Royal Mail holding back your packet.


Why: After 1 Jan 2021, the United Kingdom has left the EU Customs Union. UK laws for overseas purchases have changed.

What this means: The same taxes that always applied to purchases from the USA for example, now ALSO APPLY to items bought from EU countries (previously these were exempt)


Currently, if you live in the UK:

If you buy from sellers located OUTSIDE the UK, Royal Mail will hold your packet until Import VAT of 21% of the item's value is paid to the UK government.

Plus any Customs Duties (for items over £135 value), and their £8 Handling Fee.

The under £15 exemption has been removed - ALL purchases from abroad, over £0 in value will be subject to Import VAT.


Marketplaces like Etsy and Ebay handle the VAT part, so neither of us have to - tax is added to your order so the price is clear upfront. I am provided with the right paperwork so your order is not held at the UK Border or by Royal Mail.

PLEASE make UK purchases via Etsy instead - as unfortunately I will now have to cancel orders to the UK placed via my website.


For more information on Import VAT rules, please visit the UK Gov website.

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Dragon Eye Necklace - wire wrapped tiger-eye stone and crystal pendant - gothic witch Jewelry by Herisson Rose


Wire Wrapped Tiger Eye in Gold and Green - Eye Of The Dragon

silver wolf moon necklace - branch and twig forest witch jewelry by Herisson Rose


Forest Witch Bib Necklace with Branches, Leaves and Howling Wolf

Opalite white lily earrings pastel goth jewelry by Herisson Rose


Large Lily Earrings in Opalite and Swarovski Crystal


Crystal wolf fox collection by Herisson Rose Jewelry


~ WOLF ~




Wolf necklace collection by herisson rose



Chainmail - collection of chainmaille chokers and necklaces



Wire wrap collection - wire wrapped pendants and necklaces with crystals



All necklaces by Herisson Rose Jewelry



All necklaces by herisson rose


Bird necklace with branches and leaves witchy hedge row nature jewelry by Herisson Rose

Birds of Hedge and Meadow Necklace

Gothic insect necklace black and green Swarovski crystal beetle scarab pendant witchy jewelry by Herisson Rose

Black + Green Scarab Beetle Necklace

Forest Witch Necklace Unakite Wolf Pendant with Leaves by Herisson Rose

Unakite Fern Wolf Necklace

Strawberry Earrings - garden witch jewelry by Herisson Rose

Wild Strawberry Earrings

Green Wolf Necklace Aventurine Leaves Crystal witch jewelry by Herisson Rose

Green Man Aventurine Wolf Necklace

Swarovski crystal snowflake earrings

Crystal Snowflake Earrings

Crescent Moon Pendant Howling Wolf Moon Jewelry by Herisson Rose

Howling Wolf Moon Pendant

Blue Wolf King Necklace in Lapis Wire Wrapping and Crystals - Poseidon Sea Witch jewelry by Herisson Rose

Blue Lapis Wolf King Necklace

Pink and Green Floral Pendant Wire Wrapped with Crystals Plant Witch Jewelry by Herisson Rose

Pink and Green Crystal Flower Necklace

Black rooster gothic enamel pin in metallic anoidised rainbow metal and black glitter

Rainbow Metal and Black Glitter Rooster Enamel Pins

Pumpkin Flower earrings - black and orange Halloween witch jewelry by Herisson Rose

Orange Pumpkin Flower Earrings

Opalite Cat Necklace Moon Witch Jewelry with Swarovski crystals by Herisson Rose

Opalite Cat Necklace

Lapis Lazuli Blue Wolf Necklace beaded sea witch jewelry by Herisson Rose

Lapis Lazuli Blue Wolf Necklace

Large Sword Earrings tarot jewelry celestial witch by herisson rose jewelry

Sword and Shield Earrings

red white and blue earrings US flag independence day union jack british french patriotic jewelry by Herisson Rose design

Red White and Blue Earrings

Wolf enamel pin - wiccan pins with cute wolf and moon - floral lapel pin - pastel witch jewelry by Herisson Rose

Pastel Wolf Enamel Pin

Fairy Tree Pendant Wire Wrapped in Copper and Swarovski Crystals fairytale jewelry by Herisson Rose

Forest Fairy Crystal Pendant

Tigers Eye wolf pendant with leaves and Swarovski crystals - elven jewelry - chestnut metallic gold woodgrain effect jewelry by herisson rose

Tigers Eye Wolf Pendant



Moss Agate Forest Wolf Necklace - Leshy the Wood Spirit by Herisson Rose - blog post

NEW BLOG POST - Leshy the Forest Guardian Collection - Green Wolf Necklaces inspired by Slavic Mythology




Forest sunset in Autumn with long shadows

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Czechoslovakian wolfdog chien loup tcheque

All photography, jewelry and modelling by Hérisson Rose | Corrèze FRANCE

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SIRET: 5334848870013   |   Registered Artisan with the Chambre de Métiers.

Copyright all text, designs and images Herisson Rose / Pink Hedgehog 2019

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Unauthorised use of my jewelry designs, photography, graphics or images

( Without due Artist credit / links to source, or at least asking nicely first )

Puts user at risk of werewolves. 



VERPACKG German Packaging Act : 

My company Herisson Rose is LUCID compliant for 2022 with the Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (ZSVR)

Registration number DE2250015811398 

My Dual System Licensing partner for the collection, sorting & recycling of the packaging is ACTIVATE by RECLAY.

Customers located in Germany: please ensure that all received packaging is disposed of in the relevant recycling containers:

Blue for all paper & cardboard, and Yellow for all plastics.

Thank you!


VERPACKG: Mein Unternehmen Herisson Rose ist LUCID-konform bei der Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (ZSVR)

Registrierungsnummer DE2250015811398


Mein Duales System Lizenzpartner für die Sammlung, Sortierung & Verwertung der Verpackung ist ACTIVATE by RECLAY.


Kunden in Deutschland: Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass alle erhaltenen Verpackungen vollständig sindwird in den

entsprechenden Wertstoffbehältern entsorgt: Blau für alle Papiere und Kartons, und Gelb für alle Kunststoffe.

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