Herisson Rose jewelry - forest fairy, elf witch, dark mori and strega fashion
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Red white and blue earrings Marianne French flag Union Jask US flag patriotic jewelry by Herisson Rose


Black and White Flower Earrings with Swarovski Crystals

Gothic sword necklace strega fashion medieval jewelry knight coat of arms pendant by Herisson Rose


Gothic Crossed Swords and Shield Pendant - Medieval Knight - Coat of Arms 

Gothic insect necklace black and green Swarovski crystal beetle scarab pendant witchy jewelry by Herisson Rose


Black and Green Insect Pendant with Swarovski Crystal Scarab Beetles


Crystal wolf fox collection by Herisson Rose Jewelry


~ WOLF ~




Wolf necklace collection by herisson rose



Chainmail - collection of chainmaille chokers and necklaces



Wire wrap collection - wire wrapped pendants and necklaces with crystals



All necklaces by Herisson Rose Jewelry



All necklaces by herisson rose


Blue leaf earrings in Swarovski crystal

Swarovski Leaf Earrings

Poseidon necklace with lapis blue wolf and Swarovski crystals

Poseidon Lapis Wolf Necklace

Blue Sandstone Goldstone wolf necklace with stars and indigo Swarovski crystals by Herisson Rose

Blue Goldstone Star Wolf Necklace

Scarab beetle earrings Swarovski crystal gothic witch jewelry by Herisson Rose

Swarovski Crystal Scarab Earrings

Clear rock crystal olf necklace with raw quartz point icicles

Raw Quartz Ice Queen

Swarovski crystal snowflake earrings

Crystal Snowflake Earrings

Rainbow fairy necklaces - iridescent fishscales mermaid choker - pastel goth style

Fishscale Mermaid Necklace

Witchy wolf necklace in moss agate and Swarovski crystals forest Queen green witch wiccan jewelry by Herisson Rose

Green Wolf Wire Wrapped Necklace

Chainmaille necklace with leaf pendants and Agate beads

Chain Mail Elven Choker

Black rooster gothic enamel pin in metallic anoidised rainbow metal and black glitter

Rainbow Metal and Black Glitter Rooster Enamel Pins

Crescent moon pendant with semi precious stones - opalite, rose quartz, aquamarine and fluorite

Crescent Moon Pendant

Black flower earrings with Swarovski crystals

Black Flower Earrings

Strawberry earrings with Swarovski crystals forest fruit sweet witch wicca jewelry by Herisson Rose

Wild Strawberry Earrings

Bohemian bee earrings in silver filigree - large witchy forest earrings by herisson rose jewelry

Large Silver Dangle Bee Earrings

red white and blue earrings US flag independence day union jack british french patriotic jewelry by Herisson Rose design

Red White and Blue Earrings

Wolf enamel pin - wiccan pins with cute wolf and moon - floral lapel pin - pastel witch jewelry by Herisson Rose

Pastel Wolf Enamel Pin

White flower earrings - snowdrop jewelry

Snowdrop Earrings

Tigers Eye wolf pendant with leaves and Swarovski crystals - elven jewelry - chestnut metallic gold woodgrain effect jewelry by herisson rose

Tigers Eye Wolf Pendant



Gothic witch necklace Swarovski crystal stars midnight sky blue goldstone wolf necklace fortune teller by Herisson Rose - blog post

NEW BLOG POST - Celeste the Fortune Teller - Wire Wrapped Gothic Witch Necklace with Third Eye and Crystal Stars




Forest sunset in Autumn with long shadows

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Czechoslovakian wolfdog chien loup tcheque

All photography, jewelry and modelling by Hérisson Rose | Corrèze FRANCE

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