Fall Forest Jewelry Collection - Fern Leaf Necklaces, Chokers and Earrings




Fern leaf choker in copper - delicate lacy choker with leaves - witchy jewelry by Herisson Rose

Lacy Fern Leaf Choker with Chain Details and Metallic Bronze Czech Beaded Pendants

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Autumn Forest Collection 



Fern Leaf Jewelry in Copper and Czech glass Beads

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Each necklace features a large central fern leaf motif in copper.

Various leaves, beads and chains either side.

(Customised versions can also be made)


Suspended from sturdy copper chain with thick round links - this makes the necklace:

- adjustable to any length

- very strong against breakage

- thinner chains can be arranged if you prefer.


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Autumn Leaf Pendant in copper - lacy fern leaves - forest witch jewelry by Herisson Rose
Fern Leaf Necklace - Fall Forest Pendant in copper and bronze - elven jewelery by Herisson Rose
Fern leaf necklace with copper chain - Autumn woodland pendant - witchy jewellery by Herisson Rose
Fall leaf necklace with fern leaves and bracken - Autumn forest jewellery - wood elf by Herisson Rose



Currently just the one pictured below - other designs are still sitting in my "to photograph" pile :(


This version with smaller lacy leaves and side chains has become a personal favourite! 

Fall leaf choker with lacy fern leaves - copper leaf necklace - woodlande witchy fashion by Herisson Rose
Fern leaf choker - Fall Forest necklace in copper and beads - elf jewelry by Herisson Rose

Not new designs, but some complementary earrings are featured below:

- With Blue Green Chrysocolla stone beads

- With Sage Green glass pendants

- Hook or Leverback fastenings

- Custom stones and colours can be made on request (please use the Contact page)


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Fern leaf earrings with Chrysocolla - witchy forest earrings by Herisson Rose

Fern Leaf Earrings with Chrysocolla beads and Swarovski crystals.

Elven earrings with fern leaves and green beads - forest witch jewelry by Herisson Rose

Copper leaf earrings with metallic green glass bead pendants.

Forest witch necklace - wolf necklace in green and brown with leaves - pagan cernunnos jewelry by Herisson Rose


Woods Witch Necklace with Fern Leaves, African Turquoise Wolf Pendant, Chrysocolla and Crystals  

Coyote necklace - Tiger eye chunky pendant in natural stone and Swarovski crystal - forest pagan elf by Herisson Rose

::  CARAMEL  ::

Massive Tiger Eye Pendant on Long Beaded Chain - Natural Stone with Woodgrain Effect and Iridescence

Wolf king necklace -  the dragon and the wolf - Cernunnos pendant with sword and leaves by Herisson Rose

:: The Forest King ::

Crowned Wolf and Dragon Pendant with Sword and Crystals - Fantasy Gothic Statement Jewelry

Huge Labradorite Pendant - witchy wolf necklace on crystal chain - forest goth jewelry by Herisson Rose


Massive Labradorite Pendant on Swarovski Crystal Chain with Fern Leaf Pendants

(PRE-ORDER as the one shown is sold) 

Fantasy gothic wolf necklace wire wrapped crystals blue goldstone and Swarovski - goth witch jewelry by Herisson Rose


Gothic Witch Fantasy Necklace Wire Wrapped with Crystals and Blue Goldstone (Midnight Blue glittery effect like the night sky)

Cernunnos necklace with green leaves Swarovski crystals and wolf - green witch pagan jewelry by Herisson Rose


Forest Elf Queen Necklace Wire Wrapped with Swarovski Leaves and Jade Green Crystals