Black Rooster Enamel Pins - Black Glitter and Anodised Metallic Rainbow Brooch - Ayam Cemani Cockerel



Black Rooster enamel pin -holographic rainbow metal anodised pin badge with black glitter detail - gothic witchy pins  by Herisson Rose Jewelry

Pins! Chickens! Glittering and bling!

Black chicken Ayam Cemani Rooster metallic feathers goth chicken photo by Herisson Rose

The Boy, Darkwing Cluck, I am a Dragon hear me roar : Sauron. 


Guest Angry Dragon Blogger.


New Chicken enamel pins perused, pecked at and preened by It's Only The Model. 


(Oh wait, he done dum run awaaaay...)


(Brave Sir Robin song playing faintly in the background)


*   *   *

Gray chicken looking at a pin badge by Herisson Rose
Orpington chicken and rainbow enamel pin badge of a rooster by Herisson Rose

Cocotte scrutinises the Shiny Thing. Rasputin hovers about eye-ing it with interest.


(Chickens are like magpies - they can't resist a Shiny)

"Is it edible?"

"Gonna try"

*find myself having to yoink hand back from inquisitive pecking*


[  A+ prop for garnering inquisitive chicken interest and photogenic posing.

Cons: trying to stop them from eating it. Chickens will try to eat ANYTHING  ]

Orpington chicken and rooster enamel pin brooch by Herisson Rose
Black Ayam Cemani chicken and cockerel pair photo by Herisson Rose
Rainbow metal rooster pin gothic witchy enamel pin brooch cybergoth vaporwave jewelry by Herisson Rose

Black glitter detail on the wings - quite subtle except in low lighting and as the brooch is moved.


*   *   *

!!  Work process !!


Phase 1: Photograph the Boy.


Slight problem: the chickens are normally fed by my mother.


This is not a problem: ANY food will bring them running, but it turns out Ayams are very different from Silkies and Orpingtons - Ayams are shy, hesistant around me and as it turns out, FREAKED OUT by the clicky camera thing and the light glinting off the lens.


The girls eventually approach, but Sauron is a most reluctant boy.


(Who would have thought an Angry Dragon could be this shy)


Hiding in the bushes, and stubbornly positioning himself behind other chickens where I can't get a photo :(


*   *   *


White silkie chicken rooster Louis the fluffy white chicken by Herisson Rose

Louis, NO. Pretty as you are, this photoshoot is not for you. (He is every bit the Drama Queen his fluffy white spoilt and preened exterior would have you believe) 

Black and white chickens silkie rooster and Ayam Cemani cockerel photo by Herisson Rose

Photo #50 of Louis getting in the way, and Sauron using him as a Chicken Shield. Worst combo of Mr "no photos please" vs Mr Centre of Attention.

*   *   *

Phase 2: Bribery.


Strawberries get him to scurry out, but he's of the "grab and run" school on Ninja can't-catch-me photo-dodging school of zero clucks.


At best, I got a few blurry photos and the best ones rather pixellated at max zoom in dim lighting (with a rapidly moving and Most Reluctant subject)



(For drawing reference of basic body shape, feathers and some poses).

Black rooster fluffed up feathers angry dragon boy by Herisson Rose

Fluffed off and Feathered Up: Dragon Mode engage.

I love his spiky metallic feathers, and it's an ongoing project to photograph them properly (A Challenge)

They are (if you could see them properly) a richmetallic green. Purple. Blue. Shifting colours rapidly in the light. More metallic than a raven's or a magpie's feathers.

Ayams are highly regarded for a reason: they are the goth-equivalent of a peacock. Terry Pratchett's Discworld Death would ADORE them..

Black rooster spiky feathers drogon mode photo of a fluffy chicken by Herisson Rose

Full on Drogon.

I am the spikiest of punk chickens. Regard my oilslick coiffure, general angry dinosaur demeanour and complete disregard for Authority.

(not that I have any authority - chickens are a collective - "we are Anarcho-syndicalist commune! I cluck in your general direction! 

Strange Humans wielding cameras are not to be trusted! Help help I'm being stalked!")


Okay then.

Onto concept drawing..

Black Cockerel eating a strawberry - Ayam Cemani chicken pics by Herisson Rose

Attempted Photo Fail: trying to snap the Incredibly Shy Dragon. Resort to bribery with strawberries.

Chicken illustration of a rooster by Herisson Rose

First sketch - pose, basic feather pattern and linework.

Black chicken illustration by Herisson Rose

Thicker linework and trying to keep the detailing but meet the design limits for a 40mm sized pin badge.

Rainbow chicken holographic gradient final by Herisson Rose

Final design approved by my pin manufacturer - ie that the linework is not too dense for such a small object.

witchy black glitter pins with black chicken and rainbow feathers by Herisson Rose
Witch pins in soft enamel and rainbow metal - Ayam Cemani black cockerel brooch by Herisson Rose
Black chicken enamel pin with glitter gothic witch cyberpunk vaporwave button by Herisson Rose Jewelry

Ta da!! A giant packet arrived by Ninja Courier ( of drop and run infamy - even my giant wolfdog didn't boof )


~  The Shameless Self Promotion bit  ~


* These are Soft Enamel with raised linework and a special metallic rainbow finish

(Anoidised Zinc metal)


* Black glitter in the soft enamel


* 40 mm high (large)   -  1 and 3/4 inches


* Fixes with 2 rear push pins and metal pinch clasps. 


11.50 Euros   /   13.00 USD   /   10.00 GBP



FRANCE: >> 1.80 Euros 
EUROPE EU: >> 2.70 Euros 
EVERYWHERE ELSE: >> 2.85 Euros 



(My Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Lola Lupinski)

Pastel witch enamel pin wolf brooch wiccan moon by Herisson Rose
wiccan enamel pin floral moon and wolf gsd dog brooch by Herisson Rose