THE RAVEN QUEEN - Black wolf necklace in wire wrap and Swarovski crystals

wire wrapped black crystal wolf necklace by Herisson Rose

The Black Magician - The Raven Queen

Black Wolf Necklace in Obsidian and Swarovski Crystals

Black Stars  |  Dark Crystal Tears  |  Black Flowers Blossom




Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil) - Baudelaire


Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susannah Clarke - (book and delightful BBC TV series)

So much to love here - The rich mythology of Raven King. Gloom and decay of Faerie behind the Glamour (a word that originally meant "illusion"). The Enlightenment vs Romantic/Gothic movement. Byronic influences. Magic and divine madness.


The ever beautiful and terrifying Hannibal

( The Ravenstag - Animus, Daemon, Spirit Guide. Shadow/Subconcious. Predator and Prey )


Tolkein's Mirkwood - cursed black trees and butterflies


Dracula and Vampire mythology

* * *

I wanted to create something an Immortal Vampire Faerie Queen would wear. 

The dark forest of her domain - black flowers creeping over the rusting swords of long-dead foes.

Black Stars for her witchcraft. Black Tears shed for the Immortal Gift and Curse. 

A Crowned Black Wolf for the Queen of Darkness.



* * *


black crystal wolf necklace in Obsidian and crystals - vampire queen jewelry by Herisson Rose
Black witch necklace with obsidian wolf and dark crystals stars by Herisson Rose Jewelry

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Black Wolf Necklace in Obsidian and Swarovski Crystals

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"Dreams in the witch house, anybody?"

- Lola Lupinski, Werewolf-in-Residence

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