NEW: ORION Wolf Pendant in Labradorite and Swarovski crystals

Big labradorite wolf pendant with Swarovski crystals - dark elf jewelry

orion - huge labradorite wolf pendant


:: NEW ITEM ::


HUGE Labradorite wolf pendant with Swarovski crystals. 


Blue and yellow iridescence - chamouflaged in the undergrowth - a green quiet forest pool - the shifting patterns of sunlight and shadow on the forest floor..


Suspended on an extra-long chain of Swarovski crystals in Heliotrope (metallic purple) and Black Diamond colours - alternating with flower cross charms - wire wrapped links for extra strength.

Big Labradorite pendant with wolf head on a long crystal chain.
Huge labradorite wolf pendant with leaves and crystals - witchy forest jewelry
Giant labradorite wolf pendant - forest witch amulet - fantasy cosplay elven jewellery

Similar giant pendants available in Opalite and Blue Goldstone.


Blue Goldstone wolf pendant - dark mori fashion jewelry - starry night sky - elf witch necklace


Huge Blue Goldstone wolf pendant

Labradorite wolf necklace with raw Quartz crystals - werewolf jewelry

Labradorite wolf necklace with raw crystal werewolf teeth

Big opalite wolf pendant on beaded chain - wicca jewelry


Huge Opalite wolf pendant