NEW: The Dragon and The Wolf - wire wrapped elven pendant

The wolf king - wire wrapped pendant


Wire wrapped green wolf pendant - crowned wolf and dragon fantasy statement necklace by Herisson Rose

::  NEW ITEM  :: 






Fantasy elven crowned wolf pendant with crystals, beads and leaves on a bronze filigree beaded chain. 

The main pendant is made from bronze charms, Czech beads and Swarovski crystals, woven together on a wire wrap copper and bronze base. 

The wolf is made from African Turquoise stone (a type of Jasper) mottled green and teal like an ancient relic mouldered by the passage of time. 

I chose a palette of dark metallic green and bronze crystals and beads to complement him, along with green Verdigris effect bronze charms - leaf pendants, dragon, feathers, and a central Sword with a pale blue Swarovski crystal set into the hilt. 

Smaller copper leaves and roses are woven into the design, and large copper fern leaf pendants suspended either side from the main chain. 

The GREEN MAN is an historical motif found in folk art and architecture. Many older churches in England and Europe feature carvings of faces made from leaves and berries. 

He symbolises rebirth, growth, and the cycle of the seasons, and is associated with the fairy folk, and several nature deities from the Celtic Cernunnos, Greek God Pan, and Slavic Jarilo. 

The same imagery occurs in many folktales and legends, such as Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, or the Jack-in-the-Green costumes worn at some May Day pageants (the return of Spring). 

Fastens with a lobster clasp, and adjustable beaded chain, a small star charm at the end. 



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