NEW: Moon Wolf Enamel Pins - Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Jewelry



Cute wolf enamel pin - wolf moon and flowers witchy pin by Herisson Rose Jewelry

Well, the pins finally arrived..

Grinning wolf dog smiling face - Czechoslovakian wolfdog portrait on enamel pin by Herisson Rose

What do you think Lola? 

Guest Dog Blogger.


New Product is Reviewed, Scrutinsied, sniffed by the Eponymous Doggo.

Wolf dog sitting down -- cute dog and backpack pin by Herisson Rose
Czechoslovakian wolfdog face looking at hand with enamel pin by Herisson Rose

Lola contemplates the strange object.

"Is it a treat? Not a treat. Much Disappoint."


"Why are you waving this thing at me if it's not edible?"

Czechoslovakian wolfdog chien loup tchequoslovaque happy dog face photo by Herisson Rose
Czechoslovakian wolf dog lapel pin by Herisson Rose

"Kay. I'm still happy you're stood here admiring my majestic presence (thru that strange round black square thing)


A quick taste. Maybe it IS edible."


Sketch and design work process - moon wolf enamel pin by Herisson Rose

Work process.


Initial sketch to get flow, lines and placement - had everything pretty much worked out in my head already, except the crown part. I dithered between Moon and Crown.. Ideally wanted both, but neither really clicked.


Eventually ditched the crown for a simpler moon/halo concept.


Next up: scan and digitally clean up, do linework, experiment with colours, try out several versions and merge the best aspects into one final design.


Final proof sent off to my pin manufacturer.


..and then we wait, my precious..


Witchy pin - wolf and moon pastel goth floral enamel pin badge by Herisson Rose
Cute pastel witch enamel pins with wolf and wiccan moon by Herisson Rose
Czechoslovakian wolf dog puppy face cute pupper by Herisson Rose

Special Delivery! (Lola boofing at the FedEx guy in the background)


An excitingly heavy and tactile packet.


Inside, another packet.

Inside, 2 packets.

Dear God.



Once I'd cycled through several iterations of unpacking, we hit the Easter Egg. A packet that spewed forth A ZILLION TINY PACKETS!


Individually packaged pins!




It seems a shame to take them all out again, and fix to backing cards.


~  The Shameless Self Promotion bit  ~


* These are Soft Enamel

(I considered Hard Enamel, but didn't want to sacrifice any of the fine detailing. Still plan to try HE with future designs)


* 40 mm high (large)   -  1 and 3/4 inches


* Fixes with 2 rear push pins and metal pinch clasps. 


9.50 Euros   /   11.00 USD   /   8.00 GBP



FRANCE: >> 1.80 Euros 
EUROPE EU: >> 2.70 Euros 
EVERYWHERE ELSE: >> 2.85 Euros 


Derpy dog face - silly wolf moon moon outtake photo by Herisson Rose


Princess dog - pretty wolf in a crown by Herisson Rose

Pawesome Princess!

Big Fluorite wolf pendant - purple crystal witch jewelry - starry night sky - elf witch necklace


Huge Purple Fluorite Wolf Pendant on Crystal Beaded Chain

Blue Goldstone wolf necklace with stars - witchy elf dark mori fashion pagan jewelry by Herisson Rose


a.k.a Blue Sandstone Midnight Blue Glittering Wolf Necklace

Rose Quartz wolf necklace with Swarovski crystals - pastel goth wiccan jewelry by Herisson Rose


Pale Pink Crystal Wolf Necklace with Semi Precious Stones

Fantasy wire wrapped necklace in Opalite and Swarovski crystals  - white wolf necklace by Herisson Rose


Opalite Crystal Wire Wrap Bib Necklace with Swarovski pendants

Gothic witch necklace in wire wrap - black wolf jewelry by Herisson Rose


Gothic Crystal Wire Wrapped Necklace with Obsidian Wolf and Swords

Crystal fox necklace in clear Quartz raw crystals - white wolf witchy jewelry by Herisson Rose


Raw Quartz Crystal Wolf Necklace with Swarovski Drops