Marzanna - wire wrapped Opalite wolf necklace with white cherry blossom and crystals

Marzanna - the slavic goddess of winter

Wire wrapped Opalite wolf necklace with Swarovski crystal pendants

White cherry blossom flowers

The rites of Spring

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Opalite wolf necklace in wire wrap and Swarovski crystals and white cherry blossom flowers

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Wire wrapped bib necklace with amethyst wolf pendant - fantasy faerie wedding jewelry

TITANIA - The Faerie Queene

Amethyst wolf, purple Swarovski crystals and vitrail metallic finish leaf beads

Green wolf necklace - fantasy wire wrapped elven wedding jewelry ith Jasper wolf

VELES - The Forest God

Kambaba Jasper wire wrapped copper and Swarovski crystals.

white wolf necklace and pet wolf

Certified Wolfdog approved: Lola Lupinski sleeping at my feet when I decide to work outdoors (where the peace and quiet, and good natural daylight is..)

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Opalite wolf necklace

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Czech wolfdog in the forest