Hiking In The Shire with the Direwoof

Branching off my current fave walk:


 We decided to explore one of the lanes behind a farm, and discovered a beautiful new hike that links up with the 14km loop, but cuts across which makes it much shorter.


The lane wanders on for miles through open farmland and forests, with various side-tracks awaiting their own exploration.


Definitely better for Lola come the hot weather - no baking hot tarmac to burn her paws.Past the farm it's all forest, or tree-covered lanes that should keep the heat down.


Tongues out Tuesday :P

Ghibli skies, and a happy direwoof sniffing the flowers.

"Horse! I love horses!" (No, really, she does - much frantic tail-wagging and searching the field for him earlier)

"Come on, Hobbitses! Long ways to go yet!"

Wolf and flower meadow. Of course the sun disappeared :(

"The road goes ever on and on.."