The Green wolf brothers - Mint and Apple



Green wolf necklaces in erpentine and Chrysocolla by Herisson Rose Jewelry

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Twin Wolf Necklaces


BROTHER MINT  ::  Chrysocolla   ::   BROTHER APPLE  ::  Serpentine


As the Seasons turn, and Winter relents (slowly, reluctantly).

Ice creeping backwards up the distant hills, retreating. 

The sun's weak caress. Airs warm. Birds sing.

The first green leaves of grass pierce the earth.


Both pendants feature a stone wolf on a string of beads and crystals, surrounded by leaf pendants.



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Green witch elven forest necklace in Chrysocolla and Agate by Herisson Rose
apple green wolf necklace in Serpentine and Jasper - woods witch jewelry by Herisson Rose
Cernunnos Pagan necklace with Chrysocolla wolf and leaf pendants by Herisson Rose
Green witch crystal wolf necklace - dryad jewelry by Herisson Rose
Mint green forest wolf necklace with leaves - wicca jewelry by Herisson Rose
Serpentine necklace with green wolf and leaves - woodland jewelry - elven forest goth by Herisson Rose
Magical winter forest - snowy landscape photography by Herisson Rose

Bonus Fairytale photo setting..  (5ft from my front door!) 


This was the one truly perfect day all winter, though! No wind, so didn't feel cold at all.


I live fairly high up on a mountain plateau, which means Ghibli skies. Fast-moving clouds in constantly changing patterns. Mesmerising.

Mint Green Amazonite Wolf Choker - witchy jewelry by Herisson Rose


Mint Green Amazonite and Fluorite Wolf Choker

Wire wrapped green wolf necklace - Cernunnos jewelry in Jasper and crystals by Herisson Rose


Wire Wrapped Fantasy Elf Necklace with Jasper and Swarovski Crystals

Jade green witch necklace - leafy wolf in Agate and Czech beads by Herisson Rose


Jade Green Moss Agate Wolf necklace with leaves.

Camo Green wolf necklacein Kambaba Jasper - Wood Elf witchy jewelry by Herisson Rose


Camo Green Kambaba Jasper Wolf Necklace with Moss Agate

Forest witch necklace in Unakite and Swarovski crystals - green wolf pagan jewelry by Herisson Rose


Terracotta and Green Unakite Wolf necklace with crystals

Green wolf choker in Serpentine with leaf pendants - forest witch jewelry for elves by Herisson Rose


Serpentine Forest Wolf Necklace with Copper Leaf Pendants