Back in the Pack - wolf necklaces back in stock

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Remakes and Improvements!

(With several more still in the works)


I have some more wire wrap projects, and a whole notebook full of doodles awaiting free time and good weather.


(Am currently juggling the equivalent of 3 jobs, plus managing a farm, 19 chickens, werewolf monsterbaby, evilcorp and potential housemove. Interesting Times.)



More Enamel Pins in the near future - I've been fussing over a cool new design for months, trying to balance the detail I want vs sizing and design limitations/price. 


Hoping to get him made in rainbow-effect anodised metal, which costs a ton more.. so was also waiting for my finances to settle down and allow for this.


ETA final design and pre-orders open next month, when I get a Yep it's Possible and pricing quote back (fingers x'd)



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back in the pack


Mint green Chrysocolla Fluorite wolf necklace by Herisson Rose Jewelry


Light Minty Green wolf necklace in Fluorite and Chrysocolla

Fluorite wolf necklace with unicorn horns and crystal flowers pastel goth witchy by Herisson Rose Jewelry


Purple Fluorite Crystal Wolf necklace with Unicorn Horns

Green wolf necklace in Chrysocolla with Swarovski crystals forest witch jewelry with leaf pendants by Herisson Rose

* MINT *

Chrysocolla Green Wolf Necklace with Leaves and Swarovski Crystals

Rose Quartz wolf necklace pink crystal witch pastel goth jewelry by Herisson Rose



Rose Quartz wolf necklace with Pink Opal Swarovski crystals.

Green crystal wire wrapped wolf necklacewitchy elf forest witch jewelry by Herisson Rose


Wire Wrapped Green Crystal Elf Necklace with Leaf Pendants

Mookaite necklace Coyote wolf jewelry with crystals boho hippie by Herisson Rose


Mookaite Wolf Necklace with Flowers and Swarovski Crystals

Black wolf pendant with Swarovski crystals and Obsidian gothic witch jewelry by Herisson Rose


Black Wolf Pendant in Obsidian and Swarovski Crystals

Labradorite wolf necklace with Fluorite pastel witch jewelry wicca by Herisson Rose


Labradorite Wolf Necklace with Blue and Purple Fluorite Beads

Big Fluorite crystal wolf pendant with Swarovski crystal pastel witchy jewelry by Herisson Rose


Purple Fluorite Wolf Pendant with Swarovski and Crystal Flowers