Big Blue - Giant Labradorite Wolf Pendant with Swarovski Crystals and Fern Leaves

Big blue flashy labradorite wolf pendant on Swarovski crystal chain - forest goth witchy jewelry by Herisson Rose


Huge Wolf Pendant in Blue Labradorite and Swarovski Crystals


* * *


Blue Two! This time I found the most incredibly coloured stone for him.

Intense flashes of blue, in a range of hues, viewed from all angles.

Tinges of orange, and a vivid yellow streak across his forehead.

Rich sapphire waters, the glint of sun on ripples and waves.

He is elemental, water made stone. The Ocean emboded.


* * *


On a long strong chain of twisted copper wire links, Swarovski crystals and cross charms. 

Large copper fern leaf pendants either side.



Blue Labradorite wolf pendant - crystal witch - dark mori goth pagan jewelry by Herisson Rose
Big labradorite pendant blue wolf necklace with Swarovski crystals dark mori Strega fashion jewelry by Herisson Rose
Flashy blue labradorite huge pendant wolf necklace with crystals wiccan witch pagan fenrir by Herisson Rose
Giant labradorite pendant - witchy crystal statement necklace by Herisson Rose

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wolfdog playing with a feather - Czesky vlcak pies chien loup tchecoslovaque
Czechoslovakian wolfdog smiling big wolfgrin dem teeth

( "Wolf and Dragon?? Try wolf vs feather." - Lola Lupinski )