Custom orders




personalised pieces

If you wish to commission a custom order, I will request a minimum 30% deposit for most items costing more than 100 EUR.

For example: You would like custom necklace costing £100 EUR. 

I would ask deposit of 30EUR before I begin making it, as good faith and to buy materials. 

On completion, and photos of the finished piece being sent to you, if happy with item you shall pay the remainder, and the item will be then dispatched.

Thank you for your understanding.

This also applies to Reservations - if you want to Reserve an item, please contact. I am also open to spreading the cost over multiple payments - again please contact to arrange.



"I'd prefer it with a shorter/longer chain.."

" a different colour.." 

"Can you use Sterling Silver earring hooks instead?"

No problem, again just drop me a message first with your requirements.

With the exception of clothes, most items are straightforward to alter. 

If the alteration is simple, like chain length, no charge. For time-consuming changes, or use of more expensive materials (like sterling silver), an extra charge will be made. 

I will then re-list your item as a Custom Order, and drop you the link when it's ready to purchase.





If you would like to Reserve an item, please contact.


As with Custom Orders, a deposit of around 20 to 30% of the Item Price will be asked.


I am open to spreading in multiple payments - again please contact to arrange details of a payment schedule.


Upon receipt of the last payment, the Item has now been Purchased, and can be sent out to you.