Asexual earrings - ace pride jewelry - ace aro flag or custom colours


Asexual earrings - ace pride jewelry - ace aro flag or custom colours

Flower earrings: ace edition! I made these for myself, but am happy to make more as custom orders.

The large flowers have dangling stamens underneath, made from silver wire and black grey and white Swarovski® crystals. Each earring also has 3 smaller flowers and a Tibetan silver leaf charm.

The flower caps, leaves, stems and earring hooks are all silver plated. The base of each flower is finished with a Czech fire polished bead in pale violet.

Currently Available: please choose from the dropdown menu.

- ACE (purple)
- ARO (White)

- ACE ARO: large BLUE
- ACE ARO: large GREEN


Prefer a different flag/colours?

Message me with your preferred colours - I will then make, photograph, and list your item as a private custom listing, and the purchase link will be sent to you.

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Definition: Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to anyone. Not men, not women. It may defined as an absence of sexual orientation, or an orientation by itself.

(ie, since one is NOT attracted to the opposite sex, one is not Hetero. Nor is one Gay, so therefore one is a different oreintation entirely.)

It is not celibacy - the choice to abstain (Since there is no attraction, there is nothing to choose to refrain from). Nor is it some "damaged" kind of Heterosexuality. There is nothing wrong or missing about being Ace.

It also does not mean a complete absence of Romantic attraction - it is possible to be Ace and still have Romantic feelings towards other people (Hetero-Romantic, etc). They are not the same concept at all, but are often confused, as for most people, both kinds of attraction are experienced at the same time.

I sometimes describe it as "all my dials are set to zero".


6.8cm long including earring hook and stems // 1 inch by 2.5 inches


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Etsy handle the VAT, and provide me with proof for UK Border Customs, ensuring smooth postage and no extra charges. Thank You for your understanding. ***



FRANCE: >> 2.40 Euros
EUROPE EU: >> 3.40 Euros
EVERYWHERE ELSE: >> 3.40 Euros

Organza Bag >> Card Box >> Bubblewrap >> Bubble envelope + free filigree paper gift box (ships flat to keep it safe, so you will have to fold it into shape)

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