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Baroque fantasy and fairy jewelry


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Signature Cat and crystal wolf necklaces, fantasy elven forest / woodland witch jewelry in Opalite, Amethyst, and semi precious stones.


I am a registered Artisan here in France with the Chamber of Crafts, and specialise in ornate beaded fantasy jewelry made with Swarovski crystals. 


My work is inspired by Nature and the beautiful rural surroundings of the Millevaches region.


Particular favourites are the traditional craft of French Beaded Flowers - flowers intricately twisted from wire and seed beads, for which I have developed my own technique incorporating crystals. 


Another love is Chainmail, an immensely time-consuming but rewarding skill resulting in beautiful and highly tactile jewellery. 


However I aim to provide a whole range of pieces for all tastes and budgets - from simple and affordable pendants and earrings up to the more complex tiaras and baroque statement jewellery pieces for weddings, fantasy costumes and cosplay, and other special occasions. 


I am also happy to customise and produce items to order - just get in contact with your requirements. 


My wonderful furry friends include Monty Pythonicus, a half Angora white cat, and Nausicaa Lola Lupinski - a Czechoslovakian wolfdog pup.


Admirable assistants and fountains of inspiration both - since 2016 I have been making and refining wolf and cat themed jewelry collections.


Combining these with my loves of nature, fantasy and art, crystals, chainmaille, and wire wrap jewelry has set my creativity on fire.. 


Increasingly ornate and extravagant, the first pieces from my 2017 wire wrap Elven Queen collection are here!


Sketchbooks overflowing, many more exciting projects await creation in the coming months.. 


So welcome to Pink Hedgehogland : my strange and fantastical faerie kingdom.



 - Herisson Rose Design, May 2017.

Herisson Rose Jewelry Logo with crowned wolves and moon phase crown

Herisson Rose is registered in France as a micro-business (auto-entrepreneur) and with the local Chamber of Crafts (Chambre de Métiers)

 SIRET: 5334848870013

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I have been selling on Etsy since 2011, Amazon Handmade, and on eBay since 2003.

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French beaded flower necklace with Swarovski crystals.

D'Orphilia French beaded flower necklace with Swarovski crystal edged petals.

Opalite cat necklace that glows in UV and sunlight

Giant opalite cat pendant on a bronze beaded chain.


Glows spectacularly in UV and sunlight! Ethereal and magical witches cat amulet or statement necklace.

Fantasy elf necklace in wire wrap and crystals - Elf Queen bib necklace

Veles - The Slavic God of nature, forests, wolves, snakes, wealth, magic and the Underworld.


Inspiration for the first piece in my 2017 Elven Queen collection - baroque fantasy necklaces in wire wrap and crystals inspired by Mythology and Medieval pageantry.

From small cute wolf pup.. (May 2017)

To big handsome werewolf. (Dec 2017)

Wire wrapped statement Amethyst crystal wolf necklace

Boho wire wrap earrings in Lapis Lazuli blue crystals and copper

Wire wrapped earrings in copper, crystal and Lapis Lazuli. Asymmetrical mismatched boho style.

Autumn trees, forest photography

Spectacular skylines.. Hiking in local forest Autumn 2016

Golden Autumn leaves forest photography

Forest of Gold - inspiration in the great outdoors.

Making French beaded flowers for a custom wedding jewelry set.

Making French beaded flowers from seed beads and wire.


Forest Wedding Green Elf tiara in French beaded flowers

A leaf crown fit for a Fairy Queen...


Fairy pendant in wire wrapped crystal and magic

Purple wire wrapped crystal fairy pendant.

Lavender Amethyst wolf necklace with Swarovski crystals.


Blue Swarovski crystal leaf earrings

Sapphire blue crystal leaf earrings in Swarovski Elements.


Borage flowers in a forest

Borage flowers in July - my wild herb forest garden.

Opalite cat pendant on bronze filigree beaded chain. Strega forest witch jewelry.

Custom order: White witch Opalite cat necklace.


A comissioned piece that grew into a collection

(all now sold out, new arrivals July/August in many more colours and stones, please enquire for details).

White wolf gothic Victorian choker necklace in Opalite and crystals

White wolf choker in Opalite and Swarovski crystals.


Ornate beaded Victorian jewelry inspired by Pastel Goth fashion.

wolfdog in forest

Heading home..